An intensive state of art review of infection control practices, suitable for those new to Infection Control or with an interest in Infection Control.

Are you worried about infection control in your workplace? Would you like to reduce staff absenteeism, create a healthier working environment and reduce your chance of litigation?

Our infection control program applied to make a dental nurse to be well trained profissional in preventing the spread of infectious agents, such as viruses and bacteria. As an infection control nurse, you will have a hand in preventing dangerous outbreaks and epidemics.

The primary duty of dental nurses is to prevent the spread of infectious agents. In order to do this, these nurses will often need to educate other medical professionals and civilians on infection prevention techniques. This may include informing others about how certain infectious agent spread, along with how to protect themselves and others from contamination.

In the event of a possible widespread contamination, a dental nurse will often need to take steps to contain the infection. To do this, they may need to isolate infected individuals so they do not come in contact with healthy individuals.

Infection control programme is a intensive education clinical programme delivered over a period of 3 -5

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